We Develop

Silicon chip with Cerberus logo

Implementation skills

Cerberus can help you develop everything from custom silicon devices up to full system-level products.

We have the skills to implement:

  • Custom semiconductor ASIC / Hardware IP incorporating both analog and digital design
  • FPGA development
  • Electronic product design including PCB design, assembly and enclosures
  • Security software and firmware (for example: DRM implementations; ROM boot code; bootloaders; smart card applications; and security applications and drivers on RTOS and Linux)
  • Cryptographic algorithm implementation (standard or proprietary, hardware or software and with security countermeasures against side-channel and fault attacks)
  • Cryptographic communications protocols or protocol acceleration (e.g. TLS backed by hardware security accelerators)
  • Secure provisioning and key management systems, backed by Hardware Security Modules

Take a look at our case studies for examples.

Security Products

We have a range of hardware IP, hardware, software and communications Cerberus security products that can be used to accelerate your projects.

Trusted by our partners

We are trusted by many semiconductor, silicon and security companies to support their customers with security. See our partner list.