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Cerberus consultants have extensive technical security and engineering expertise and have worked on complex projects across diverse industries. You can use this experience to accelerate your time to market, while ensuring that your product security is fit-for-purpose. Our experience in very cost-sensitive markets, such as consumer electronics, also ensures that your security solution will be cost-effective and pragmatic.

We are often used to:

  • Design novel hardware IP, hardware and software security solutions
  • Independently review early product designs to ensure “secure-by-design” and late-stage designs for potential security holes
  • Help teams develop independent security capabilities
  • Advise on practical software and hardware security techniques
  • Develop or review cryptographic communications protocols

Our approach

We don’t just work for you, we work with you every step of the way. We know that in order to maintain or expand on the work we do, it is vital that your team learns the necessary IoT security skills.

We ensure this happens by:

  • Holding regular workshops during longer projects to explain what we are doing and why
  • Providing short training sessions on background security concepts in hardware and software
  • Continuously engaging with your team during projects to answer questions
  • Working with your team processes, tools and methods of working to ensure the best fit for your organisation and the way you work

Cutting edge capabilities

Our consultants don’t just provide advice from past experience - to ensure we can give the best advice, we:

  • Actively work on cutting-edge academic projects, such as the UK RISE project to develop a secure RISC-V processor that has led to a new RISC-V scalar cryptography specification
  • Research and publish papers in peer-reviewed journals on security related topics
  • Develop our own security tools - such as a low-cost platform for performing advanced electro-magnetic attacks on circuit boards