Metis hardware Elliptic Curve Cryptography Accelerator

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Cerberus “Metis” is an updated version of our CSL-ECA elliptic curve cryptography hardware accelerator that is more configurable, with better off-load capability and performance. Its new inbuilt dedicated programmable microcontroller allows for efficiently off-loading standard algorithms such as ECDSA, EdDSA and ECDH(E), as well as allowing support for non-standard algorithms and curves.

The core supports operation over any prime field GF(p) allowing for use with NIST prime curves, Brainpool, Curve25519 and others.

The design can be implemented on an FPGA (and effectively uses DSP slices) as well as on an ASIC.

Configurable parameters include:

  • The core numerical accelerator can be configured for the numerical width. For example, 256 bits for the common NIST p256 curve operations
  • The silicon area can be reduced at the expense of performance. The default implementation is optimised for speed and not silicon area

More details

The product datasheet is coming soon.