Live arrest health monitoring demo for the Police

snapshot from Police restraint training video

Live health monitoring demonstration:

Cerberus provides tech to securely capture and communicate live health data during a demonstration of restraint techniques at a UK Police Federation conference.

Cerberus designed and built the equipment for this demo. This consisted of:

  • Our “Hyperion” RISC-V RV32IM security processor running on an Igloo2 FPGA board with a PPG sensor connected to our I2C interface
  • A FreeRTOS software application running on Hyperion to capture the sensor data and process it in real time to obtain calibrated heart rate and SpO2 levels
  • Our BLE to IP bridge to receive the BLE data and transport it over IP to a laptop
  • Our gateway server to decrypt the data and forward it on
  • A QT based application to display live readings and graphs of the heart rate, body temperature and SpO2

We have since been working on producing a ruggedised second-generation wearable device for further testing in law enforcement environments.

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