Smart Solar demo with Wirepas

experimental smart solar panel electronics

Smart energy demonstration:

Cerberus provided the technology to securely capture and communicate solar panel power measurements as part of an Energy Web Foundation demonstrator platform at European Utility Week in Vienna.

Solar panels and environmental sensors from different hardware manufacturers were connected together using Wirepas wireless meshing software to form a decentralized network, connected through a gateway to the Energy Web Chain blockchain energy trading system.

Cerberus designed and built the power measurement, processing and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transceiver unit used for the demonstration. This consisted of:

  • Our “Hyperion” RISC-V RV32IM security processor running on an Igloo2 FPGA board with our I2C and SPI hardware interfaces
  • A custom voltage and current measurement board that we designed and produced, capable of measuring at mA and mV resolution up to 40A and 600V
  • A custom BLE board using a U-Blox BLE module and programmed with the Wirepas communications stack
  • FreeRTOS software running on Hyperion to capture the data, calibrate it and securely transmit it via the BLE modem over the Wirepas network

The hardware:

Smart solar panel capture hardware
Smart solar panel capture hardware