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Design and build secure IoT products

Bring secure products rapidly to market by using our expertise, experience and products.

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We are embedded system and IoT security engineers

Security is difficult. We make sure that your products stay secure even when there are unexpected problems, or they are under attack. We design IoT security into products, we implement security software and hardware, and we assess the security of products to ensure that your security cost-effectively meets your business requirements.

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We Consult

Our expert engineering experience ensures you include appropriate security at all stages of your design.

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We Develop

We develop the difficult security-related hardware, software and communications components needed for your product.

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We Assess

We review the security of your product and perform practical security testing based on the latest methods.

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Customer Testimonials

Photo of Çağatay Büyüktopçu

Çağatay Büyüktopçu

R&D Embedded Systems Team Leader and Cybersecurity Coordinator, Arçelik Group

One of the biggest and maybe the most difficult challenge of IoT security is resource constrained environments. Almost all household appliances have such kind of microcontrollers. To be IoT compatible, all Arcelik group brands like Beko, Grundig and all others need to be connected in a secure way. IoT security is a must-have feature for us. We worked together with the Cerberus team, who have a great know-how about embedded security. With the help of Cerberus's hands-on design support, we created an embedded security infrastructure for all of our connected appliances and achieved great success like being awarded IoTSF Security Champion in 2018, getting IoTSF Best User mark and finally getting Common Criteria approval at EAL2 level.

Our Products

Our products accelerate your projects

We develop cutting-edge security products to accelerate your projects. Whether it’s a secure communications software library, or a complete Hardware Security Module for FPGA or ASIC, we can get your product more quickly to market.

Explore our technology:

ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD Cryptography Accelerator IP

ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD Cryptography Accelerator IP

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Elliptic Curve Cryptography Accelerator IP

Elliptic Curve Cryptography Accelerator IP

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Hardened RISC-V Processor IP

Hardened RISC-V Processor IP

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IoT Hardware Security Module IP

IoT Hardware Security Module IP

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Helios Secure Communications Modules

Helios Secure Communications Modules

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Iris Wireguard VPN for MCUs

Iris Wireguard VPN for MCUs

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Our Team

Photo of Dr Carl Shaw

Dr Carl Shaw


Experienced security analyst and engineer specialising in hardware, firmware and software.

Photo of Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott


Experienced security architect with expertise in hardware silicon security design, review and implementation.

Photo of Andrew Lindsay

Andrew Lindsay


Experienced security architect, analyst and implemention specialist.

Photo of Prof. Elisabeth Oswald

Prof. Elisabeth Oswald

Technical advisor

Specialist advisor in advanced side channel attacks.

Photo of Colin Mallett

Colin Mallett

Technical advisor

A specialist technical advisor with extensive experience in the Smart Energy sector.

Our News

UK map with Bristol highlighted

South West Tech 101 list

Cerberus are delighted to be included in BusinessCloud’s South West Tech 101 list of the best tech companies in the South West, selected from nominations, industry consulation and BusinessCloud’s own research.

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Our Blog

Raised hexagon tiles with the one in focus having the words "penetration test"

Understanding pen testing for IoT/embedded systems

Security penetration testing, or pen testing, can be a useful but often misunderstood security test method, particularly by companies who are new to security, so what is a pen test, is it suitable for IoT/embedded products, and when should it be used?

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Close-up of a microprocessor silicon die

Will custom silicon increase security risk?

Since the 1970’s, the explosion in computing, and our knowledge on how to secure it, has been driven by the mass-market manufacturing of general purpose semiconductor devices - but this is now changing and what will this change mean for security?

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QFP shrinking to WLCSP

Does your package size affect security?

For our electronic devices, such as phones, to shrink, the electronic components used inside them also need to shrink and this has led to “chip-scale packaging” where the chip package is not much larger than the bare silicon die inside it - but how does this affect security?

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raspberry pi board in case

Raspberry Pi Security for IoT Products

We get a lot of companies who ask us to review the security of their product after they’ve designed it and are making plans to put it on to the market, but one of the things that scares us the most is when they ask, “I’ve got an IoT product based on a Rasperry Pi - how do I secure it?

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collection of random numbers

Hardware Random Number Generators

A good source of random numbers is critical for many cryptographic operations including most current cryptographic communications protocols and in this article we’ll look at how they’re generated in modern system-on-chips, best practice for using them and how they can be attacked.

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hand holding security chip

What is an IoT Hardware Secure Element?

Hardware secure elements such as Microchip’s ATECC508A/ATECC608A, STMicroelectronics’s STSAFE-A100, Infineon’s Optiga or NXP’s A71CH are promoted as solutions for IoT security - but what do these devices do, how do they help and what are their limitations?

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Our Markets


We have extensive experience in pragmatic security for products with volume manufacturing, time-to-market and cost constraints.


We understand the cyber-security and privacy regulations from the EU and FDA and can help with device and communications security.


From physical access controllers to remote sensors and actuator controllers, we have the skills and experience to help build secure products.


We help to secure hardware devices and act as an independent security reviewer. We also help vendor customers requiring security advice.


We secure smart energy products from smart meters to smart solar panels used for authenticated green credit blockchain trading.


We secure in-vehicle and external communications and devices and review electronic components from all manufacturing tiers.

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